Corporate Campuses, Energy
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Building 12

Chesapeake Energy Corporation is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the United States. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company’s operations are focused on using unconventional methods to discover and develop its large and geographically diverse resource base of onshore natural gas and oil assets in the U.S., making it a leader in the movement to reduce U.S. dependency on foreign energy. Often included in Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” Chesapeake has deployed a three-tiered approach to fostering development, which includes serving as an economic catalyst through job creation and investment; building strong relationships and open lines of communication to address community concerns; and contributing to the community through its giving programs, scholarships and volunteering.

From its modest beginning with a single 6,000-square-foot office building in 1989, Chesapeake has built one of the premier corporate working environments in the United States. Its well-designed, beautifully landscaped 120-acre campus features 2.2 million square feet of office space that has been developed using a modern interpretation of Georgian-style architecture reminiscent of the 1700s and 1800s in the Chesapeake Bay region. The campus features state-of-the-art resources such as an on-site Reservoir Technology Center and rock lab, 3-D visualization room and two theater-style presentation facilities. In addition, employees enjoy world-class amenities like five on-site restaurants, serving serve a variety of gourmet cuisine; a 72,000-square-foot fitness facility; a health clinic; pharmacy and a 63,000-square-foot child development center.​​​​

Offering a unique blend of visual architecture and multi-use functionality, Building #12 blends seamlessly amidst the Chesapeake campus and provides a diverse gathering space for employees and guests. Built on a curvature following the natural bend of a creek that runs through the campus, Building #12 is a four-story structure with two floors above and two below grade. This 44,000 square foot facility includes a kitchen and restaurant for breakfast, lunch and catering for company events. Also included are multiple board rooms, a 144-seat banquet room and a 243-seat, stadium-style multimedia room.

Smith & Pickel Construction is proud to have served and continue to be relied upon as Chesapeake’s preferred general contractor.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

44,000 square feet

Elliott + Associates Architects

Other campus projects for Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Other projects for Chesapeake Energy Corporation

  • Accounting – Building #2
  • Land – Building #3
  • Land Building Basement Remodel
  • Health Club
  • Vehicular Bridge #1
  • Geoscience – Building #4
  • Building #5
  • East Parking Lots
  • Building #6
  • Restaurant Expansion
  • West Parking Lot
  • Street Lighting
  • Recreational Field
  • Health Club Locker Expansion
  • Northeast Parking Lot
  • Building #7
  • Western Avenue Middle Approach
  • Administrative Services Entry
  • Health Club First Floor Expansion
  • Restaurant Expansion (Phase II)
  • Museum
  • Health Club Expansion (Phase II)
  • Parking Garage #1
  • Building #8
  • Geoscience Core Lab
  • Building #10
  • Vehicular Bridge #2
  • Building #9
  • Parking Garage #2
  • Building #11
  • Building #12
  • Building #13
  • Central Park Parking Garage
  • Childcare Center
  • Building #14
  • Building #15
  • RTC – Building #16
  • Building #1
  • Central Plant
  • Temporary RTC Lab
  • Core Lab Dust Collector
  • Chilled Water Loop
  • East Campus Retaining Wall
  • East Campus Utilities/Roads
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Parking Garage #2/ Childcare Walkway
  • Parking Garage #4
  • North Creek Development
  • North Pavilion
  • Storm Damage Repairs 2012
  • Francis Pocket Park
  • Block 114
  • Basin Pocket Park
  • East Campus Development
  • Operations Center Remodel
  • 6100 Remodel

Dean McGee Eye Institute

The Dean McGee Eye Institute is one of the largest ophthalmology institutes in the United States and one of only a handful of institutions in the Southwest and Midwest offering a complete spectrum of subspecialty eye care for everything from tumors to macular degeneration. Ranked among the leading vision research institutions in research funding by the National Eye Institute, DMEI provides services for more than 160,000 patient visits each year, turning no one away regardless of ability to pay. Community service is a cornerstone of DMEI’s mission, from providing local children’s vision screenings to sharing its Global Eye Care Program for the underserved in Oklahoma and abroad.

To continue its legacy of excellence in care, research, education and service, DMEI’s main facility, located in Oklahoma City on the Oklahoma Health Center campus, needed an extensive expansion and renovation in 2008. The project included 34,000 square feet of research space and 34,000 square feet of clinical space, both dedicated to advancing medicine for the study and care of eye diseases.

In addition to the expansion and renovation, the project included a new parking garage, a utility project, a loading dock, and an underground tunnel between the OU Hospital and Dean McGee.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

34,000 square feet of research space 34,000 square feet of clinical space

ADG, Inc.

2011 “Build Oklahoma Award” from the Association of General Contractors of Oklahoma ($25 million + category)

Other projects for Dean McGee Eye Institute

  • Edmond Branch
  • Parking Garage
  • 1st & 2nd Floor Tech Remodel
    • Third Floor Renovation
  • Vivarium Renovation
  • 2nd Floor Photo Lab

Variety Care
Lafayette Facility

Variety Care is a community health center that provides a broad range of primary and preventative health care services at affordable rates in an effort to improve the health of individuals that do not have ready access to health care. The non-profit organization offers access to services to all individuals, regardless of age, medical history, immigration status or insurance coverage.

The negotiated Lafeyette Facility project included a renovation and building expansion in an area of great need. Completed in June 2012, the facility now houses a pediatric dental clinic, on-site behavior health facilities, exam rooms, community space, patient waiting area and an administration space. In 2013, Variety Care served more than 62,000 patients, including those seen at the updated Lafeyette facility.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

33,159 square feet

Field Offices
Performance Technologies
Office building, truck maintenance facility, storage building & pump testing facility

Performance Technologies provides pressure pumping services for natural gas and oil well stimulation to improve well productivity, optimize production, increase asset value and safeguard well integrity. The company focuses on treatments specific to new and developing unconventional fields. With the use of advanced data management systems and skilled operations, Performance Technologies prides itself on performing complex operations with unparalleled precision, exceeding industry safety and performance standards.

Smith & Pickel was selected to team-up with Performance Technologies and Elliot + Associates Architects when the company was seeking new facilities for its headquarters in El Reno, Oklahoma. New buildings include a full-service truck maintenance facility and operations shop.

El Reno, Oklahoma

21,240 square foot office building
47,300 square foot full-service truck maintenance facility
8,000 square foot storage building
2,911 square foot pump testing facility

Elliott + Associates

Other Field Office Facilities:

  • Kirkpatrick Oil Company
    • Hennessey Field Office
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Oklahoma
    • Compass Wash Building
    • Elk City Field Office
    • Waynoka Field Office
    • El Reno GPORC Field Office
    • El Reno Nomac Field Office
    • Kingfisher Storage Building
    • Hinton Midcon Field Office
    • Mullins Saltwater Disposal Office
    • Waynoka Nomac Field Office
    • Mayfield Bluestem Field Office
    • Elk City Field Office Addition
    • El Reno GPORC Pipewash Facility
    • Hinton Midcon Dyno Building
    • El Reno GPORC Mezzanine Addition
    • Waynoka Midcon Field Office
    • Clinton Midstream Remodel
    • Bronco Gravel Yard
    • Weatherford Shop
    • Weatherford Area Gates
    • Waynoka COI Office Addition
    • El Reno PTL Facility
    • El Reno GPORC Interior Remodel
    • El Reno PTL Storm Damage – 2013
    • El Reno GPORC Storm Damage – 2013
    • El Reno PTL Testing Facility
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Arkansas
    • Searcy Midcon Field Office
    • Searcy COI Office Addition
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Texas
    • Fort Worth Office
    • Cleburne Field Office – Phase I
    • Cleburne GPORC Field Office
    • Cleburn Nomac Storage Facility
    • Marshall Nomac Field Office – Phase II
    • Cleburne Midcon Field Office
    • Zapata Midcon
    • Cleburne CEMI Field Office
    • Marshall Nomac Field Office – Phase II
    • ARC Park Campus
    • Alvarado Hodges Trucking
    • Marshall Nomac Yard Extension
    • Marshall Hodges Trucking
    • Marshall GPORC Field Office
    • Marshall Master Site Plan
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Louisiana
    • Sligo Field Office
    • CEMI Patterson

Infant Crisis Services

Infant Crisis Services was founded in 1984 to provide life sustaining formula, food and diapers to babies and toddlers in times of crisis. The non-profit organization also offers education, emotional support and guidance to the families seeking its services, serving as a link to connect families with other helping agencies and programs leading to self-sufficiency. ICS began as a Sunday school project and was housed for its first 10 years in the back of the 2nd Presbyterian Church. In April 1995, the organization relocated to a free-standing building, but it quickly outgrew that space. In order to better serve the needs of babies and toddlers across the community, ICS received a gift from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation and negotiated the project of a new facility with Smith & Pickel.

The new 17,000 square foot facility, completed in 2009, houses administrative offices, warehouse and client services operations. Above all, the new facility has allowed Infant Crisis Services to serve many more babies and toddler, as well as launch a new mobile unit. In 2008, Infant Crisis Services served more than 10,000 needy babies and toddlers – as of March 2014, that number has grown to 15,000.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

17,346 square feet

Corporate Campuses, Biotechnical & Research
Presbyterian Health Foundation
Research Park

The University of Oklahoma Research Park (formerly Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park) is a 27-acre, seven-building, 700,000 square foot biomedical research campus located in the heart of Oklahoma City. In 1994, Smith & Pickel Construction was selected to join the the project team of Presbyterian Health Foundation and Miles Associates architects to construct Research Park Building #1. Following the success of this facility, the team continued to build six more buildings that featured research labs, office administration, complex drug manufacturing plants, and restaurants; all with the purpose of following PHF’s mission to provide “class A wet lavatory space and office space at competitive lease rates”.

Smith & Pickel successfully completed all seven campus buildings and a parking garage, and we continue to provide renovation and upgrade support as needed 15 years later. Our projects with PHF have ranged from research labs and office administration to community space and drug manufacturing plants, all following PHF’s mission to provide biotech companies with Class A wet laboratory space and office space at competitive lease rates. Currently, there are 36 science-based companies housed at the complex.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

7-acre, 27-building, 700,00 square foot campus

Miles Associates

Other projects for Presbyterian Health Foundation 

  • Office of Veterans Affairs (Research Park Building #4)
  • I2E (RPB #2)
  • Oklahoma Regents/OneNet (RPB #3)
  • Miles Offices (RPB #7)
  • Orthocare (RPB #2)
  • Research Park Building #7
  • Comentis Offices (RPB #7)
  • Vivarium (RPB #7)
  • Parking Garage – Phase II
  • Cytovance Biologics (RPB #6)
  • Research Park Building #5
  • Camille’s Deli (RPB #5)
  • Ritchie’s Deli (RPB #5)
  • Research Park Building #4
  • Biosecurity Research (RPB #4)
  • Generic Offices (RPB #4)
  • OCAST Offices (RPB #4)
  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Lupus Genetic Study (RPB #4)
  • Fourth Floor Labs (RPB #4)
  • Inion (RPB #4)
  • Research Park Building #3
  • Intergenetics (RPB #3)
  • Conference Center, Phase I (RPB #3)
  • Fifth Floor Lab (RPB #3)
  • Regents/OneNet (RPB #3)
  • Parking Garage – Phase I
  • Research Park Building #2
  • Zymetx 4th Floor (RPB #2)
  • OTCC Tenant Space (RPB #2)
  • Model Office (RPB #2)
  • Common Corridors (RPB #2)
  • UroCor Tenant Improvements (RPB #2)
  • UroCor 4th Floor Remodel (RPB #2)
  • Research Park Building #1
  • OMRF Lab (RPB #1)
  • Advancia Offices (RPB #1)
  • UroCor Workroom (RPB #1)
  • UroCor Expansion (RPB #1)
  • Third Floor Remodel (RPB #1)
  • Zymetx Expansion (RPB #1)
  • Zymetx Office (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme Vivarium (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme Clean Room (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme GMP Expansion (RPB #1)

Senior Living
Copper Lake Estates Assisted Living Center

Copper Lake Estates offers independent living and assisted living options to suit its residents’ lifestyles, housed on 32 acres of serene, park-like scenery nestled around a lake. Copper Lake sought to expand their existing structure in order to serve more residents.

When Smith & Pickel was awarded the negotiated project, the goal was to take maximum advantage of the picturesque views out to the beautiful lake. The one-story wood frame center is now designed to house 48 residents in one- and two-bedroom units, with all rooms being ADA compliant. The center has two entries, one walk-up and the other a protected drive through, and both were designed to serve as front doors, welcoming residents and visitors alike into the comfortable lobby and living room.

Natural light streams through large arched clerestory lobby windows above onto the cozy sitting areas below.  A two-sided fireplace serves as a focal point in the central living area. Beyond there is an elegant full dining area for residents served by a warming kitchen, while the full kitchen next door performs the bulk of the cooking. A private dining area, chapel and activity room are among the center’s other amenities.

Edmond, Oklahoma

Architectural Design Group

Memorial Road Church of Christ
Family Life Center

Memorial Road Church of Christ strives to be a dynamic community of faith, hope and love by providing biblical teaching, caring service and life-changing ministries to the community. Upon experiencing explosive growth in the church’s youth and university ministries, Memorial Road Church of Christ negotiated with Smith & Pickel to build a new Family Life Center.

Completed in 2003, the Family Life Center relies upon its architecture and materials to both complement the existing church building and engage the young people it endeavors to serve. The facility includes a competition-level gymnasium, large-capacity assembly halls, divisible classrooms, administrative offices, a kitchen, playful student lounges and a dramatic vaulted lobby corridor, which mimics a narrow city street. 

Edmond, Oklahoma

30,834 square feet

Other projects for Memorial Road Church of Christ

  • Elevator addition, 2011
  • Restroom interiors, 2011
  • Preschool addition, 2010
  • Sanctuary addition, 2007
  • South addition, 1993

Casady School
Arts & Sciences Building

For more than 65 years, Casady School has served the Oklahoma City community as a premier independent school in which highly motivated students can flourish in the classroom and beyond. The school’s integrated educational experience offers pre-K through 12th grade students exposure to rigorous academics, competitive sports, moral and ethical principles, community service and fine arts. Casady’s scenic 80-acre campus with more than 25 buildings provides an idyllic atmosphere in which to learn.

Rooted in the Christian faith tradition, Casady School provides daily chapel for students and faculty to experience a time of spiritual refreshment, prayer and worship. When Smith & Pickel was awarded the negotiated project of expanding the school’s chapel, originally built in 1949, the project was to nearly double the facility’s space. The addition of 4,400 square feet of space created two new wings with cloisters for the chapel. The work involved demolishing the existing wood West wing, replacing it with a limestone structure and adding a similar East wing, as well as mechanical updates to the existing building. A 51-foot bell tower with a carillon was tucked into the West wing, and the old gas-fired heating system was replaced with a geothermal system that draws from a nearby lake.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

8,100 square feet

“Problem finding, collaboration and public critique are all critical elements of both the arts and the sciences, and this building will promote both, in both predictable and hopefully new and innovative ways.” Chris Bright, Casady School headmaster

Other projects for Casady School

  • Chapel Expansion
  • Activity Center
  • Student Center
  • Lake Improvements
  • Temporary Labs
  • Math Building (LEED Silver)
  • Middle Division Facility
  • Athletic Center
  • South Locker Rooms Renovation