Classen Curve Phase I

Retail & Mixed Use
Classen Curve
Phase I

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, Classen Curve is a modern neighborhood retail center consisting of 13 separate low-slung buildings with a total of 94,000 square feet of interior space. When Smith & Pickel took on the negotiated project, we knew the goal was to produce a premiere location for upscale shopping and unique dining in a contemporary setting, unlike anything else in Oklahoma City.

The steel-frame structures throughout Classen Curve support horizontal boxes clad in manganese iron-spot brick, with 18-foot-high glass storefronts that admit ample daylight and put wares on full display. Freestanding canopies run the length of the buildings and lend a defining dynamism to the project. Supported by massive steel members and topped with steel purlins and corrugated decking, the canopies protect both the cars and pedestrians on walkways from the elements. Site amenities include public art, courtyards, a bio-filtered water feature and lush landscaping.

Classen Curve has quickly become the place to dine, shop and play. The Curve features restaurants like Republic Gastropub, Upper Crust Pizza and Café 501; boutique retailers like On a Whim, Balliet’s, Liberte’ and Uptown Kids; and fitness vendors like Red Coyote Running and Barre3, all offering local flavor in an upscale, contemporary setting.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

94,000 square feet

Elliott + Associates Architects

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