Field Offices
Performance Technologies
Office building, truck maintenance facility, storage building & pump testing facility

Performance Technologies provides pressure pumping services for natural gas and oil well stimulation to improve well productivity, optimize production, increase asset value and safeguard well integrity. The company focuses on treatments specific to new and developing unconventional fields. With the use of advanced data management systems and skilled operations, Performance Technologies prides itself on performing complex operations with unparalleled precision, exceeding industry safety and performance standards.

Smith & Pickel was selected to team-up with Performance Technologies and Elliot + Associates Architects when the company was seeking new facilities for its headquarters in El Reno, Oklahoma. New buildings include a full-service truck maintenance facility and operations shop.

El Reno, Oklahoma

21,240 square foot office building
47,300 square foot full-service truck maintenance facility
8,000 square foot storage building
2,911 square foot pump testing facility

Elliott + Associates

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