Corporate Campuses, Energy
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Building 12

Chesapeake Energy Corporation is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the United States. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company’s operations are focused on using unconventional methods to discover and develop its large and geographically diverse resource base of onshore natural gas and oil assets in the U.S., making it a leader in the movement to reduce U.S. dependency on foreign energy. Often included in Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” Chesapeake has deployed a three-tiered approach to fostering development, which includes serving as an economic catalyst through job creation and investment; building strong relationships and open lines of communication to address community concerns; and contributing to the community through its giving programs, scholarships and volunteering.

From its modest beginning with a single 6,000-square-foot office building in 1989, Chesapeake has built one of the premier corporate working environments in the United States. Its well-designed, beautifully landscaped 120-acre campus features 2.2 million square feet of office space that has been developed using a modern interpretation of Georgian-style architecture reminiscent of the 1700s and 1800s in the Chesapeake Bay region. The campus features state-of-the-art resources such as an on-site Reservoir Technology Center and rock lab, 3-D visualization room and two theater-style presentation facilities. In addition, employees enjoy world-class amenities like five on-site restaurants, serving serve a variety of gourmet cuisine; a 72,000-square-foot fitness facility; a health clinic; pharmacy and a 63,000-square-foot child development center.​​​​

Offering a unique blend of visual architecture and multi-use functionality, Building #12 blends seamlessly amidst the Chesapeake campus and provides a diverse gathering space for employees and guests. Built on a curvature following the natural bend of a creek that runs through the campus, Building #12 is a four-story structure with two floors above and two below grade. This 44,000 square foot facility includes a kitchen and restaurant for breakfast, lunch and catering for company events. Also included are multiple board rooms, a 144-seat banquet room and a 243-seat, stadium-style multimedia room.

Smith & Pickel Construction is proud to have served and continue to be relied upon as Chesapeake’s preferred general contractor.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

44,000 square feet

Elliott + Associates Architects

Other campus projects for Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Other projects for Chesapeake Energy Corporation

  • Accounting – Building #2
  • Land – Building #3
  • Land Building Basement Remodel
  • Health Club
  • Vehicular Bridge #1
  • Geoscience – Building #4
  • Building #5
  • East Parking Lots
  • Building #6
  • Restaurant Expansion
  • West Parking Lot
  • Street Lighting
  • Recreational Field
  • Health Club Locker Expansion
  • Northeast Parking Lot
  • Building #7
  • Western Avenue Middle Approach
  • Administrative Services Entry
  • Health Club First Floor Expansion
  • Restaurant Expansion (Phase II)
  • Museum
  • Health Club Expansion (Phase II)
  • Parking Garage #1
  • Building #8
  • Geoscience Core Lab
  • Building #10
  • Vehicular Bridge #2
  • Building #9
  • Parking Garage #2
  • Building #11
  • Building #12
  • Building #13
  • Central Park Parking Garage
  • Childcare Center
  • Building #14
  • Building #15
  • RTC – Building #16
  • Building #1
  • Central Plant
  • Temporary RTC Lab
  • Core Lab Dust Collector
  • Chilled Water Loop
  • East Campus Retaining Wall
  • East Campus Utilities/Roads
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Parking Garage #2/ Childcare Walkway
  • Parking Garage #4
  • North Creek Development
  • North Pavilion
  • Storm Damage Repairs 2012
  • Francis Pocket Park
  • Block 114
  • Basin Pocket Park
  • East Campus Development
  • Operations Center Remodel
  • 6100 Remodel

Corporate Campuses, Biotechnical & Research
Presbyterian Health Foundation
Research Park

The University of Oklahoma Research Park (formerly Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park) is a 27-acre, seven-building, 700,000 square foot biomedical research campus located in the heart of Oklahoma City. In 1994, Smith & Pickel Construction was selected to join the the project team of Presbyterian Health Foundation and Miles Associates architects to construct Research Park Building #1. Following the success of this facility, the team continued to build six more buildings that featured research labs, office administration, complex drug manufacturing plants, and restaurants; all with the purpose of following PHF’s mission to provide “class A wet lavatory space and office space at competitive lease rates”.

Smith & Pickel successfully completed all seven campus buildings and a parking garage, and we continue to provide renovation and upgrade support as needed 15 years later. Our projects with PHF have ranged from research labs and office administration to community space and drug manufacturing plants, all following PHF’s mission to provide biotech companies with Class A wet laboratory space and office space at competitive lease rates. Currently, there are 36 science-based companies housed at the complex.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

7-acre, 27-building, 700,00 square foot campus

Miles Associates

Other projects for Presbyterian Health Foundation 

  • Office of Veterans Affairs (Research Park Building #4)
  • I2E (RPB #2)
  • Oklahoma Regents/OneNet (RPB #3)
  • Miles Offices (RPB #7)
  • Orthocare (RPB #2)
  • Research Park Building #7
  • Comentis Offices (RPB #7)
  • Vivarium (RPB #7)
  • Parking Garage – Phase II
  • Cytovance Biologics (RPB #6)
  • Research Park Building #5
  • Camille’s Deli (RPB #5)
  • Ritchie’s Deli (RPB #5)
  • Research Park Building #4
  • Biosecurity Research (RPB #4)
  • Generic Offices (RPB #4)
  • OCAST Offices (RPB #4)
  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Lupus Genetic Study (RPB #4)
  • Fourth Floor Labs (RPB #4)
  • Inion (RPB #4)
  • Research Park Building #3
  • Intergenetics (RPB #3)
  • Conference Center, Phase I (RPB #3)
  • Fifth Floor Lab (RPB #3)
  • Regents/OneNet (RPB #3)
  • Parking Garage – Phase I
  • Research Park Building #2
  • Zymetx 4th Floor (RPB #2)
  • OTCC Tenant Space (RPB #2)
  • Model Office (RPB #2)
  • Common Corridors (RPB #2)
  • UroCor Tenant Improvements (RPB #2)
  • UroCor 4th Floor Remodel (RPB #2)
  • Research Park Building #1
  • OMRF Lab (RPB #1)
  • Advancia Offices (RPB #1)
  • UroCor Workroom (RPB #1)
  • UroCor Expansion (RPB #1)
  • Third Floor Remodel (RPB #1)
  • Zymetx Expansion (RPB #1)
  • Zymetx Office (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme Vivarium (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme Clean Room (RPB #1)
  • Novazyme GMP Expansion (RPB #1)